You Can Try These Tips When You Install Zigzag Wall Tiles

You should choose a rectangular tile. For small rooms or houses, also choose small tiles measuring 15cm X 30cm or 20cm X 40cm. For a fairly large room, use a tile measuring 30cm X 60 cm read more here. This size is actually too wide to make a zigzag pattern because the ratio of width and length is 1: 2. So you should first cut into a size of 7.5 cm X 30 cm, 10 cm X 40 cm, or 15 cm X 60 cm. But, you can also make other sizes that suit your taste. Aside from that, if your tiles become very dirty, just call the tile cleaning north shore.

Select the zigzag model

There are 2 types of zigzag models, like herringbone or zig zag chevron patterns. In the usual zig-zag pattern, the edges of the tiles you have cut into 2 must be cut again, because the tiles should be in a parallelogram. Meanwhile, the fish spines pattern is easier to install and does not require cutting.

Measure and adjust the tiles

On each edge, you have to adjust the shape and size of the tiles to the shape/size of the room. With a zigzag pattern, there must be lots of tiles that have to be cut so that they can be installed on the edge of the room. Create the scheme first, cut the tiles as needed. If necessary, sketch and number the cut tiles according to the sketch drawing.

Install tiles

After all the materials and tools have been prepared (cement, sand, water, tiles, threads, cement molds, grout, et al), now it is just to be installed on the floor. If needed, install threads first to help ensure proper and even installation. Apply the cement mixture of sand and water to the floor, little by little. Place the tiles with precision, then tap with a rubber hammer. Apply the cement mixture again, and so on until all the surfaces are covered in tiles.

Fill in the grout

After 24 hours of intermittent installation time, apply grout between the tiles evenly. For 2-3 days, don’t let anyone step on the floor. Wait until the floor is really strong. After all, stages have been passed, clean your floor from the remains of dust. Reinsert the furniture.

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Author: Richard T. Starkey

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