Your Best Reason for Choosing Australia as a Migration Place For You

Do you know of a total of 196 Countries in the World, Australia is in fourth place as the Happiest Country! This is a fact that will support you perform Migration Australia. Did we know that in 2012, more than 400 thousand international students from all over the world come to Australia to study? This is a real statistic. Do we also know the airplane black boxes and ultrasound machines are Australian inventions and also the revolutionary IVF bionic, penicillin and IVF treatments found in Australia? Australia has long been home and educated many world-renowned technicians, artists, entrepreneurs, designers and scientists including the 15 Nobel Peace Prize winners. As a fairly young country and established in 1901, we are very proud to have achieved this achievement. Who knows what else will we achieve in the next 100 years? Maybe you can be the next person to find a machine or idea that changes the world. Australian education can take you far ahead!

Australia is home to many international students, ranking third after America and Britain. This means that by studying in Australia we are certainly not alone here. Due to a large number of students, many community groups, social events, and celebration events are held exclusively for you. It is easy to meet and build relationships with other international students as well as Australian students themselves. This year alone (2013) at Times Higher Education Top 100 Universities Worldwide, Australia ranks third in the number of globally qualified universities in a country. Universities and Colleges in Australia offer a complete combination of 22,000 types of programs with 1100 institutions nationwide. With only a population of 23 million in comparison with developed countries, the facilities offered by Australia’s international caliber proved itself to be truly innovative, exciting, and envy of other developed countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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