Your Tennis Shoes Must Be Different From Other Sport Types Shoes

At first glance, tennis shoes are similar to sneakers that are commonly used when relaxing. There are also those who equate tennis shoes with running shoes or basketball shoes. In fact, these sports shoes have many differences. You want the best quality of tennis shoes so you don’t want to wear other types of shoes when you play tennis. It can be a good idea if you read reviews of the best tennis shoes at the site of tennisshoesreview. Tennis shoes are different from other types of sports shoes.

Difference between Tennis Shoes and Running Shoes

Many people think tennis shoes can be used when running, and vice versa. This is probably because tennis shoes are often called sneakers. Although both are made of rubber and they look similar, these two types of shoes are very different.

Tennis shoes are usually heavier, but slimmer than running shoes. Because, when playing tennis, what is preferred is agility in moving to catch the ball. Meanwhile, running shoes are designed to move the foot forward so that the side layer of the shoe is made rather high to support the ankle.

In addition, running shoes have thicker and softer heels to increase traction. There are also tennis shoes deliberately designed with thin heels and hard tread. Its function provides stability because tennis players move in various directions when competing in the field.

Difference between tennis shoes and volleyball shoes

Volleyball games really involve specific movements compared to other sports, including tennis. Volleyball shoes are designed to create free and safe leg movements for the players. When compared to tennis shoes, volleyball shoes are designed with different materials that are tailored to the athlete’s foot and field type.

Volleyball shoes tend to be very light to increase the speed and agility of players in the field. On average, volleyball shoes are made of synthetic leather so as not to be too heavy. Unlike the case with tennis shoes that are deliberately made rather heavy because they have pads that tend to be thick. Its function provides stability in leg movements.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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